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ATS Unilung Complete Kit Low Profile with ADV

BMCL with low profile Megalodon or Hammerhead sized t-pieces with integrated ADV

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DKK 8.500,00

ATS UNILUNG is a backmounted counterlung (BMCL) for rebreathers. Its unique design keeps your chest free and improves configuration and streamlining. Dives all over the world have dived the ATS Unilung since 2010 and we are very proud of the quality and durability of the product.

This new version is delivered with low profile t-pieces.

The outer shell is made of Cordura1000 while the inner lungs are produced from high-frequency welded Cordura 560 with PU coating. Two zippers allow access to the inner lungs when needed. Inside the inner lungs, just below the fittings for the t-pieces, the Unilunghas plastic spirals to prevent collapse.  OPV position is optional to the divers left or right hand side.

This ATS Unilung version is delivered with t-pieces fitting Megalodon or Hammerhead sized breathing hoses. 

Two MAVs for adding diluent and oxygen are connected to the t-pieces. Both MAVs are prepared for off board gas connection.

Low WOB, easy to install.

Included in the price:

  • Outer shell (Cordura)
  • Inner lungs
  • All Fittings 
  • 2 low profile t-pieces Meg or HH sized, one with integrated ADV
  • 2 90-degree elbows (OmniSwivel)
  • 2 LP hoses connecting MAVs to t-pieces
  • Oxygen and Diluent MAVs with 3 x 3/8 female in/outlets 
  • OPV and OPV blindplug (your choice of position left or right side)


Please include instructions in your order: Choise of t-pieces (meg/HH), OPV position (left/right), ADV position (left/right).

ATS Unilung is also available with low profile t-pieces without integrated ADV or with classic t-pieces for Meg, Inspiration, Hammerhead or Poseidon (with/without ADV).

Questions and comments are welcome. Send an email to 

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