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Black Pearl Dry Tech Over Layer

Revolutionerende inderdragt fra Black Pearl

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Tilgængelighed: Levering 7-10 dage

DKK 2.150,00

The Black Pearl Dry Tech Over Layer is a revolutionary product. It is a TRUE DRY undergarment that will keep you warm and dry. The inside is made of the same material as the base layers, which is then coated with a flexible PU material. The stitches are sealed with thermo tape.
If you have a tear in your dry suit wrist seal, neck seal or the zipper is not properly closed, it will keep you dry enough to finish your dive comfortably.
The dry tech outer layer must not be used in warm external temps, because it will make you sweat. But if you can dress it without sweating, it will keep you away from the condensation that is created between the trilaminate material and the undersuit. This is a key feature.
The whole design, base layers and this dry tech over layer, is sold as a set (3 pieces), no zippers nor pockets. A set is composed by shirt + trousers + socks.
The set comes in 6 sizes for men and 7 sizes for woman. Please see size chart under 'Downloads' and write your size in the comment box when completing your order.