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Black Pearl Ultra Base Layer

Til dykning i tempereret vand eller i kombination med Dry Tech Over Layer

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Tilgængelighed: Leveringstid 7-10 dage

DKK 2.030,00

The new Black Pearl Undergarment series is a multi-layer system. It consists of a base layer (which can be single or double thickness) + a dry outer layer (the Dry Tech Over Layer)
The base layers are made with super stretch synthetic merino wool. It is a knitted material that imitates the properties of a true natural merino, with the advantage it is synthetic and can be washed. This material will not only keep you warm, but also super dry. Actually it will keep an ideal temperature on your skin, not too hot, not too cold.
This double layer version is for diving in water temperatures down to 18 degrees or to be used in combination with the Dry Tech Over Layer.
Comes in two sizes for kids, 5 sizes for adults (unisex). Pls. see size chart under 'Download' and add your size in the comment box when completing your order.